Debug output is managed in DisCo through the PDSG utility class edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.debug.Debug. Debug parameters can be set on the command line (and are set in all scripts contained in discodemo6/scripts/). The Debug command line options are as follows:

--debugPrefs PREFERENCES_FILE Reads a file of subsystem-name strings and integer tuples, separated by a ':' character. Any subsystem not named takes the value given for the "GLOBAL" system. See discodemo6/scripts/*.debug for examples of debug files.
--debugLevel INTEGER Sets the "GLOBAL" system level on the command line.

In all cases, the higher the integer values, the more verbose the output. The dRBAC source has been written for 5 to be a reasonable level of output and 9 to be extremey verbose. Debug output with level 10 is effectively commented out.