The Parallel and Distributed Systems Group (PDSG) at New York University investigates software architectures to support flexible parallel and distributed applications, which can adapt themselves for execution in dynamically changing, heterogeneous environments. We target diverse environments ranging from scalable clusters of commodity workstations to dynamic aggregations of computing and information resources, emphasizing the interactions between hardware, operating systems, and applications. Our research includes efforts to build fault-tolerant programming systems, compiler-assisted object caching systems, application-structuring mechanisms for adaptation in dynamic environments, and transparent secure distribution middleware for general-purpose applications. These projects encompass a gamut of approaches from fundamental research through prototypes, up to working usable systems.

PDSG is led by Professors Vijay Karamcheti and Zvi Kedem. Its current members include one post-doctoral associate, two research scientists, four Ph.D. students, three M.S. students, and three undergraduate students. We also collaborate very closely with Professor Partha Dasgupta's research group at Arizona State University.