Welcome to a pictorial tour!
Venue: Ossining
When: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays
Contact: Laxmi Parida, email, 914 528 9771
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Milonga photos, Tango holiday party photos

Marjorie with Stan; Ewa with Steve; Nicole and Phil

Arda with Jason; Krithika and Josie in meditative tango

Anand with Elena; Steve with Patricia; Josie with Adam in a fantasia mood

Josie & Sujeet practice the tango walk, Kim with Phil, Tom with Martha

Joe with Tricia; Tom with Tricia; Joe with Elena

Adam invites Martha for a dance; Beth with Tom; Martha with Sujeet

Even the thunderous downpour is no deterrent: Tricia with Adam; Vija with Kevin; Elvira with Phil

The gruelling exercises: Josie with Adam; Tricia with Alan, Vija with Kevin

Happy dancers: Anand with Joise, Elvira with Phil, Steve and his mystery co-dancer; Yvonne with Joe

Paula from Argentina: the Americans Steve, Tom & Adam, line up to make her feel at home

Anand observes Suneel and I

Elvira with Phil; A very secure Adam and Steve

A peek at the happy hour.....

Elvira with Steve; Kim with Tom; Martha with Adam

Tricia with Steve; Yvonne with Joe; Elvira with Sunil

Guarded and unguarded moments:Irina with Ronald; Pamela with Phil

Snapshot of the evening: some dance while others umm... dance harder

Steve delights Josie with an unexpected parada; Michael and I in a pensive gancho mood

The ladies' man: Jason with Bina & Kim

Josie with Phil and Kim with Ferdinand

Kim with Suneel; Josie with Michael

The sun shines on the gancho exercists: Josie with Steve, Beth & Tom, Joe & I

Josie with Joe, Yvonne with Ferdinand, Amelia watches Nick and I

Jason with Kim; Joe takes Josie on a nail-biting ride!

Amelia works on the back ochos at the bar before a thrilling dance with Nick

The happiness is unmistakable: Josie with Steve; Bina with Tom; Josie with Joe

No time to frolic: Beth with Phil; Kim with Ferdinand; Steve & I

The happy couples: Jon with Ilene; Phil makes a face at the photographer (with Yvonne)

Joe with Laura; Toba with Steve

Hiedi with Carlos; Steve with Lynn; Parik and I; Carlos with Toba

Martha with Jason; Adele with Vamsi; Hiedi & Phil; Jason & Adele

Adele with Phil; Mike and partner

Bojan with Adele; Charlotte with Angelo

Jackie with Adam; Josie hooks Phil;

Anna and Joe; three amigoes catching up with politics?

Donnita with Phil; Jade and Nick in the foreground

Victoria with Phil; Cristal and Nick; Anna with Rob

Ruth with Adam; Melissa and Morgan

Karin with Saugata and Ginny with Rob

Tara with Rob and Harvey with Michele

Barrida on the menu: Adam with Betty and Sumesh with Michele

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