Dedicated to 35 years of Michael O. Rabin's contributions to compting

9:30 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Richard J. Cole, Department of Computer Science, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

9:45 Convergence Architectures: Efficient Support for Shared Memory and Message Passing
John L. Hennessy, Departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Modeling Parallel Communication
Richard M. Karp, International Computer Science Institute and University of California at Berkeley

11:45 Optimization of Communication in High Performance Fortran Compilers
Ken Kennedy, Department of Computer Science, Rice University

12:30 Break

2:15 The BSP Approach to Transportable Parrallel Software
Leslie G. Valiant, Division of Applied Sciences, Harvard University

3:00 Communication Bottleneck in Parallel Systems: Myth, Hardware Problem, or Software Problem
Panel discussion led by Marc Snir, IBM Research Division
Panelists: David Culler, University of California at Berkeley; Tom Knight, Massachusetts Institute
of Technology; Tom Lawrence, Rome Laboratory; Yechiam Yemin, Columbia Unversity

4:30 Reception

The Symposium was sponsored by
the Army Research Office, the National Science Foundation, the Courant Institute of Mathematical
Sciences and the Academic Computing Facility of New York University

Program co-chairs: Zvi M. Kedem and Krishna V. Palem
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

The symposium will be held in the Great Hall, Dagostino Hall, New York University, 108 West 3rd Street New York City.

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