Homework 2, due Sept 27 at midnight

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Homework may be given to me in class or in my office, or left under my office door. Please do not leave homework in my lobby mailbox or send it by email. Please staple all pages together. Late homework will be penalized 20%. Homework will not be accepted more than one week late, except in special circumstances.

  1. Write a Matlab function (NOT a script) with two input arguments and two output arguments The function must have comments explaining the inputs and outputs and what the function does, which is the following: Furthermore, if the approximate rank input argument is 0, the function should display the singular values in a semilogy plot and prompt the user to enter the desired approximate rank using input. Test your function thoroughly on one or more gray-scale images from the web (not the basket picture) or from your personal collection of pictures and I got the basket image a while ago from a web page that no longer exists. When I tried to do this on the PC in my office, it didn't work. Somehow, the image got swallowed up in a much larger picture, most of which is blank. However, it worked on the classroom PC and on the Sun in my office.

    Use help to learn the syntax of Matlab commands

  2. Referring to Chapter 4 of Numerical Computing with IEEE Floating Point Arithmetic, (which is on reserve in the library) answer the following