Minor Typos in First Printing

p. 10, near bottom: would be better to assume 0 < y <= 2^{31}

p. 14: First sentence of middle section: "pointsystem" should be "point system"

p. 49, Table 8.2: a top-of-stack pointer should be added to P.R. 3 in the column for "Time 0".

p. 75: the inequalities in (12.1) and the previous displayed equation can be replaced by strict inequalities: see comment on Theorem 5.1.

p.79, just before the exercises: xD and xS should be fxD and fxS respectively.

p. 85 and 86: the log1p and expm1 functions are in the C99 math library, but not in the older C89 library.

p. 89, Table 13.3, x = .05, third column: "1.05127e+00" should be "1.051271e+00".

p.90, below (13.3), the modification to Program 9 was somehow misprinted. The corrected two lines of C code are here.

p. 101: Despite our efforts to get this right, the author order for [PH95] seems to be wrong.