Corrections to Exercises in First Printing

Exercise 3.6: the numbers exceed the 8-bit format. Replace by 50 + (-100), 100 + (-50), and 50 + 50.

Exercise 4.1: Some of these values require rounding, a notion that is introduced only in Chapter 5. Truncation (as done for the number 1/10 on the previous page) is fine.

Exercise 4.3: do not consider comparison of NaN values, which is explained later.

Exercise 5.3: The number 2^(-130) is a subnormal number, so it does not qualify as an example.

Exercise 5.9: there is no solution. See comment on Theorem 5.1. Removing this exercise brings the number of exercises down to 101; by mistake, 102 were included!

Exercise 6.11, part 2, last line: change "to fit this destination" to "to fit a p-bit destination".

Exercise 6.12, part 2: change x to y

Exercise 7.10: change the floating point subtraction operator to the ordinary subtraction operator, and change "not the case" to "not always the case".