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Third NMADS meeting:

April 13th, 2001
Department of Computer Science
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University

Warren Weaver Hall, 251 Mercer Street [Directions]
New York, NY 10013

Invited Talk:

Global Internet Content Delivery

Bruce Maggs
Akamai Technologies and Carnegie-Mellon University

This talk describes Akamai's Internet content delivery service called FreeFlow. Akamai has deployed over 8000 servers on more than 350 networks around the world, and delivers content for more than 1500 customers. The talk begins with a review of the mechanics of content delivery on the Internet, and then examines the unique features of Akamai's massively distributed system. After addressing several of the technological challenges faced in designing such a system, the talk concludes by presenting two theoretical problems that arose during its implementation.


 The goal of the NYC Metropolitan Area Distributed Systems (NMADS) day is to help integrate the various distributed systems research groups in the NYC Metro area into a community. 

NMADS is targeted at faculty and students in universities, and at researchers from the various industrial research labs in the NYC Metro area.  Apart from fostering collaborations amongst the participating researchers, NMADS will provide several benefits that serve the unique needs of faculty, students, and researchers from industrial labs.  For academics, NMADS will serve as a forum to receive feedback from industry. By fostering collaboration between academia and industry, NMADS will facilitate joint research activities and joint proposals to government funding organizations.  Finally, NMADS will serve as a forum for graduating students in distributed systems to present themselves to potential employers in academia and industrial research.


We propose periodic one-day meetings 2 to 3 times a year where researchers can present their work to others in the area, disseminate their ideas and look for possible collaborations involving researchers across different organizations.  NMADS days will be hosted by a revolving list of organizations close to NYC.

We envision the NMADS day to be made up of one invited speaker, 12-15 unrefereed short talks, an unrefereed poster/demo session, and an informal mixer for researchers to network with each other.  NMADS days will be hosted by a revolving list of organizations close to NYC.



Last Update: 04/06/2001