Programming Languages: G22.2110

Professor B. Mishra
Teaching Assistants:
Min Ding,, 715 Bway, 212.998.3009, Office Hrs: Mondays 1:30--3:30pm
Hua Wang,, 420 WWH, 212.998.3490, Office Hrs: Wednesdays 4:00--6:00pm

Office Hours: 10:30 a.m.--12:00noon, Thursday
Office Phone: 212.998.3464
Email Address:
Day and Time:
Thursdays 5:00-6:50pm EST

Credits for Course:

Issues in Programming Languages; Three Views: Users, Semanticists and Compiler Writers; Paradigms: Imperative, Declarative, Functional, Logic, Object-Oriented, etc.; History and Ideas; Computational Models; Principles of Orthogonality, Qualification and Correspondence; Abstract Syntax; Denotational Semantics; Assignment; Type System; Scope Issues; Runtime systems; Exception Handling; Encapsulation; OOPs; Inheritance; Polymorphism; Memory Management and Garbage Collection in Lisp; Concurrency; Idioms and Styles: FORTRAN, Pascal, C, ADA 95, C++, Java and Common Lisp (Mathematica, if time permits).

Programming Experience involving Pascal, C or FORTRAN.

Required Text(s):
Programming Languages---Concepts and Constructs, 2nd Edn, Ravi Sethi, Addison Wesley. ISBN 0-201-59065-4.

Reference Text(s):
(You don't need to buy all the reference books immediately. If you already have some other language manuals, then you may be able to work with those. If you have already taken a course in Programming Languages, you may consider buying Stansifer's book instead of Sethi's.)

Midterm Date:
November 5 1998, 55 minutes, closed book.
Final Date:
December 17 1998, 110 minutes, closed book.
Four assignments: Conceptual and computational work

Homework 40%, Midterm 20%, Final 40%

Bud Mishra
September 10 1998