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Syllabus for Course: There have been many instances in the recent literature in which algorithmic thinking is combined with game-theoretic, or, more specifically, socio-economic concepts to address problems arising in diverse contexts.

The purpose of this course is to seize this moment and promote this interaction to create a field of ``Social Operating Systems (SOS).'' The emphasis will be on mathematically sophisticated techniques in the interface between algorithms, learning, optimization and game theory, as well as their applications to planning. Our primary motivation comes from our work on PLAN C (Planning with Large Agent network against Catastrophes;, which provides emergency management and response plans in face of man-made or natural disasters. Topics will include some of the following (the list will crystallize gradually after initial discussions in the first class):

1: Game Theory, Nash equilibrium and General Equilibrium

2: Evolutionary game theory and Repeated Games

3: Bounded rationality: Example of Santa Fe Bar Problems

4: Social choice theory: Condorcet, Sen & Arrow

5: Elections, Technorati-Tags and Internet

6: Mechanism design

7: Multiple Objective Functions and Pareto Optimality

8: Multi-Objective Optimization Problems (MOOP)

9: Social Software: Planning (Catastrophe Response)

10: Modeling Social Networks & Bounded Rationality

11: Using Social Networks to Survey, Sample and Search

12: Collaborative Filtering: Recommender Design

13: Collaborative Filtering: Search Engines

14: Collaborative Filtering: Population Sampling and Surveys

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No Midterm.
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Class Project.
Class Presentation.

Bud Mishra
January 1 2008