The Knitting Factory Project


Investigation on infrastructure for building collaborative applications on the World Wide Web. The goal is to provide a comprehensive solution, without sacrificing the security and the ease of use provided by the standard off-the-shelf browers. KnittingFactory provides a set of well-integrated solutions in a form of a 100% Pure Java package that can be used to develop collaborative programs.

KnittingFactory is a research project at New York University and a part of a larger effort called MILAN, a joint project with Arizona State University.


We have a working prototype. For a brief summary refer to the project manifesto or the overview; for detailed information see the documentation list; to contact us, see the list of people involved; and if you like to see KnittingFactory in action, you can participate in a shared whiteboard session.


The project is partially supported by DARPA and Rome Laboratory; Intel; Microsoft; and NSF.

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