The Calypso Research Project


Rresearch in utilzation and management of networked resources. Current focus is on delivering a high-performance metacomputer built on standard networks, of standard computers, running standard software systems. Notable properties of the system are the following.

At the core of the experimental platform lies an integrated set of simple techniques developed in previous foundational research, most notably the Eager Scheduling and the Two-Phase Idempotent Execution Strategy.

Calypso is a joint effort between New York University and Arizona State University, and a part of a larger project called MILAN.


We have a working prototype. For a brief summary refer to the project manifesto or the overview; for detailed information see the documentation list; to contact us, see the list of people involved; and you can freely download the software system.


The project is partially supported by DARPA and Rome Laboratory; Intel; Microsoft; and NSF.

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