NYU ManyCores Reading Group

Synchronized Geese

The multicore revolution stands to be a major paradigm shift in the next several years. The current generation of programming tools for leveraging multiple cores require very skilled programmers who inevitably are and will be in short supply.

This reading group explores programming languages that enable high-level concurrency, such that a programmer is able to utilize many cores without considering low-level concepts such as threads. We are interested in new concurrent/parallel languages, novel concurrency primitives, and also looking at older languages (such as APL and Fortran) which are becoming more relevant in an age of many cores.

Organizers: Roy Lowrance, Alex Rubinsteyn
Sponsors: Dennis Shasha, Denis Zorin
Time: Mondays, 12:45-2:00pm
Place: Room 1221, 719 Broadway
Mailing List: http://www.cs.nyu.edu/mailman/listinfo/manycores

Spring 2009 Schedule

Date Topic Background Reading Presenter Slides
Feb. 2nd Data Parallel Haskell Alex Rubinsteyn [pdf]
Feb. 9th Erlang Chris Conway n/a
Feb. 16th President's Day
Feb. 23rd How Fast Can APL Be? Roy Lowrance [pdf]
March 2nd Single Assignment C Alex Rubinsteyn [pdf] [ppt]
March 9th Dense Linear Algebra Design Issues for Manycore Environments David Bindel not yet
March 16th Spring Break
March 23rd Discussion on Concrete APL, J, K, and Q Examples not yet Dennis Shasha not yet
March 24th Tacit Parallelism
Note: this talk is on a Tuesday and starts at 3pm
Robert Bernecky
Snake Island Research
not yet
March 30th No meeting
April 6th No meeting
April 13th K/Q Parallelized Eric Hieschle not yet
April 20th Manticore Mike Rainey not yet
April 23rd FPGA Parallelism Clement Farabet not yet
April 27th CUDA Murphy Stein part I
part II
May 4th Wrap-up, future plans n/a Alex & Roy not yet