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About FOM
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FOM is an automated e-mail list for discussing foundations of
mathematics. It is a closed, moderated list. This means that all
subscriptions and postings must be approved by the moderator,
currently Martin Davis. Approval of a posting does not imply
agreement with the views expressed in the posting.

FOM subscribers typically have advanced training in mathematics,
philosophy, computer science or related fields, and either have
professional activity in one of these directions or are preparing for
such a career.

The FOM list is intended to provide a venue for discussing the
provocative, sometimes controversial, ideas which drive
contemporary research in foundations of mathematics and which often
do not find their way into journal articles. FOM postings must be
highly relevant to issues and programs in foundations of
mathematics. They should reflect high intellectual and scholarly
standards. However, FOM is not a venue for papers that should be
submitted to journals. Generally, detailed proofs and technical
details are not welcome. Of course, pointers to more extensive
accounts, published in print or on the Web are welcome. Postings
should be thoughtful, well-reasoned, and lively. Although
controversy is both expected and desired, personal invective and
other irrelevant discussions will not be permitted. Quotation from
previous postings should be limited to what is absolutely needed
for understanding, and quotations within quotations are particularly
to be avoided. All postings are available in full on the archive.

FOM postings must consist of single-spaced, plain text and
have an informative subject line in the e-mail header.
Extended quotes from other FOM postings should be avoided.

The FOM Editorial Board currently consists of:
Stephen Simpson
Harvey Friedman
Andreas Blass
John Baldwin
Alasdair Urquhart
Sam Buss

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