Using the Jet API

In addition to running JET stand-alone, you can use it as part of another application.  In this case jet-version.jar or jet-all.jar must be included among the libraries when compiling and running your application.  Here is a small sample program which uses Jet:

 1   import Jet.*;
 2   import Jet.Tipster.*;
 3   import java.util.Vector;
 4   import;
 6   class UseJet {
 8   public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException {
 9     System.out.println("Starting UseJet...");
10     JetTest.initializeFromConfig("chunk.jet");
11     String txt = "<TEXT>My first sentence to be analyzed for class.</TEXT>";
12     Document doc = new Document(txt);
13     Control.processDocument (doc, null, true, 1);
14     Vector v = doc.annotationsOfType("constit");
15     for (int i=0; i<v.size(); i++) {
16       Annotation a = (Annotation) v.get(i);
17       System.out.println ("Constit " + a.get("cat") + " over " + doc.text(a));
18       }
19     }
20   }

and a brief explanation of this program:

initializeFromConfig loads a JET properties file and all the associated resources (grammars, lexicons, patterns, HMMs, etc.).  The properties file should be the same as for a stand-alone run.
sets up the document to be analyzed.  By default, only text inside <TEXT> ... </TEXT> is analyzed.
processes the document.  The parameters to processDocument are
retrieve annotations of type constit from the document and print out, one per line, the cat feature of the annotation and the text spanned by the annotation

This program will load a Jet properties file named chunk.jet from the local directory. A simple chunk.jet file to run the patterns for noun and verb chunks is

     # JET properties file
     Jet.dataPath = data
     Tags.fileName = pos_hmm.txt
     Pattern.fileName1 = chunkPatterns.txt
     processSentence = tokenize, tagJet, pat(chunks)

If the shell variable JET_HOME has been set to the directory where Jet has been installed, UseJet could be compiled with
     javac -cp $JET_HOME/jet-all.jar
and executed with
     java -cp .:$JET_HOME/jet-all.jar -DjetHome=$JET_HOME UseJet