The CollectionAnnotationTool provides the ability to examine and modify annotations on the documents in a collection.  It is invoked by

xjet Jet.Tipster.CollectionAnnotationTool  directory fileList colorFile

where directory is the name of a the directory containing the files to be annotated, fileList is a list of the files to be annotated, and colorFile is a file specifying the annotations to be examined and added.  fileList should contain a list of the file names of the XML-annotated document files, one file name per line.  File names may either be absolute paths or relative paths;  relative paths are interpreted relative to directory.  colorFile
is a list of the annotation types to be examined and added;  its format is described in AnnotationTool.  If invoked without any arguments, the user is prompted for these files.

The keys recognized for annotating individual documents are list in AnnotationTool.