ACE-related Functionality

The ACE (Automatic Content Extraction) evaluations run by NIST from 2000 to 2009 define a quite general set of information extraction tasks, including entities, (binary) relations, and events. Jet provides full support for these tasks using a set of corpus-trained extraction components. This includes the ace command, which performs the full Ace extraction task, and a variety of support utilties for training and scoring individual components. These utilities are invoked by

xjet utilityName file-argument-1 file-argument-2 ...

The following utilities are invoked using this format:

Utility name
AceJet.APFtoXML convert name information in APF file to in-line XML tags
train relation tagger
score ACE relations
train event tagger
run event tagger in diagnostic mode
(given perfect entities and values)
score ACE events