We, the faculty of the Department of Performance Studies, unanimously oppose the NYU 2031 expansion plan in its current form. 40% of NYU faculty lives in the superblocks. While we are committed to working towards a shared future, we are concerned that the disruption caused by construction near Washington Square Village and Silver Towers will have serious adverse effects on the retention and recruitment of excellent faculty.

We also have concerns that extend beyond the direct negative impact the 2031 expansion will have on the tenants of those buildings. These concerns include the following:

Even as we resolutely oppose the 2031 expansion plan, as committed members of the Tisch community, we also recognize that Tisch is facing pressing and very specific space needs for studios, classrooms, and offices. We are sympathetic to these concerns and needs. The current form of the 2031 plan, however, would involve the immiseration of so many members of the university community, at Tisch and elsewhere, both faculty and students. It also puts the financial stability of the university as a whole at risk. We believe that other models for expanding the university have not been adequately considered, nor have faculty been sufficiently consulted in this process university- or school-wide. The 2031 plan in its current form comes at much too high a price, literally and figuratively."