Soft Subdivision Search Video

  • Our approach to path planning is based on the principle of resolution-exactness and implemented in the Soft Subdivision Search (SSS) Framework. This video explains the SSS framework using a trio of simple planar robots. These algorithms achieves state-of-art real-time performance, and are relatively easy to implement.

  • Video presented at SoCG 2016

    SoCG2016 Title Short icon (Click Icon for Youtube video) .

  • The simple robots are: disc, triangle, and 2-link robots. They have, respectively, 2 DoF, 3 DoF and 4 DoF.

  • The 2-link robot has two variants: crossing and non-crossing, depending on whether the two links are allowed to cross each other or not.
    For the non-crossing 2-link robot, we can also freely specify the minimum angle between the links.
  • Several search strategies have been implemented: random, BFS, Greedy, Size+Distance, Voronoi.

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