Computational Topology, Algebra and Geometry (CTAG) Seminar

In this semester (Fall 08) we meet on Wed at 2.00 PM - 3.00 PM in Room 1221 in 715 Broadway We focus on computational issues in topology, algebra and geometry. These issues often, but not exclusively, arise in computer graphics or computational geometry. PhD students can take this seminar for 1 unit of credit. If you want to present or want more information please contact Jihun Yu or Prof Chee Yap .

PLEASE GO to our pmwiki page for the CTAG seminar where all future talk announcements will be posted.

Schedule for Fall 2008
Date Speaker Topic Links, Paper, etc
Sep 10, 2008 Sorkine, Yap, Zorin Organizational Meeting -
Sep 11, 2008 Marc Alexa (TU Berlin) Hermite Point Set Surfaces -
Sep 17, 2008 Olga Sorkine (NYU) Optimized Scale-and-Stretch for Image Resizing -
Sep 25, 2008 Yotam Gingold (NYU) Shading-Based Surface Editing -
Oct 29, 2008 Tino Weinkauf (Zuse Institute, Berlin) Extraction and Visualization of Topological Structure in Vector Fields. -