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(Last update: Oct 22, 2010)


Core Library is compatible with Linux, MacOS, Cygwin and (to some extent) Windows. Please choose one of the following three distribution versions:

Additional Downloads and updates:

Browse the Online Version of Current Library

API Reference Manual for Core Library as generated by Doxygen Documentation System

Browse the MPFR online documentation from the MPFR home


	1. Assume you want to install the Core Library in the directory 
	$(CORE_INSTALL).  In Unix/Linux or Cygwin, you would do:
	    % cd $(CORE_INSTALL)

	where "%" indicates the unix prompt.  For Windows, read the
	installation guide in the README file.

	2. Download the Core Library distribution file "core-X.Y.Z.tgz"
	(or the variant you choose).  Here "X.Y.Z" is the version of Core 
	Library.  We sometimes omit the third digit (Z) of the version number, in 
	which case "core-X.Y.tgz" refers to "core-X.Y.Z.tgz" for the latest "Z" value.
	See download instructions above.
	Move the distribution file to $(CORE_INSTALL).

	3.  Unzip and untar the distribution file as follows:

	    % gzip -cd core-X.Y.Z.tgz | tar xvf -

	This creates the directory "core-X.Y.Z".   In the rest of these
	instructions, assume $(CORE_PATH) = $(CORE_INSTALL)/core-X.Y.Z.

	4. The README file found 
	in $(CORE_PATH) contains an overview 
	and the rest of the installation instructions.  Continue from there.

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