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Core Library Download
This is the ``Old Style'' Download Page (up to CORE 2.1 only).
    -- If you want the latest version of Core Library, please click HERE (since 2011).

In 2010, we moved from CoreLib1 (a.k.a. CORE 1.x) to CoreLib2 (a.k.a. CORE 2.x).

WHY would you want to look at CoreLib1? Here are some reasons:
    -- It has a simpler structure than CoreLib2 (so it might be useful for extension in some new research directions).
    -- It implemented a much richer set of filters and root bounds (which we have yet to move into CoreLib2)
    -- It may sometimes be faster than CoreLib2 for some problems

GMP Install Instruction for Windows Platform (for cygwin, mingw, visual c++)

FAQs for CORE Library

Tutorial for CORE Library (revised Nov 2004)


-- CoreLib2: [CORE 2.1] [CORE 2.0]
-- CoreLib1: [CORE 1.8] [CORE 1.7] [CORE 1.6] [CORE 1.5] [CORE 1.4] [CORE 1.3] [CORE 1.2] [Installing CORE 1.2 on Windows]

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