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How to give better presentations

Speaker: Mike Morrison

Location: Online

Date: May 13, 2022, 11:30 a.m.

Join the talk via Zoom

Permanently level-up your scientific presentation skills by watching just a few simple, highly-visual demos. Everybody has their pet advice on how to give good presentations (e.g., "use more pictures"). But there are some universal, evidence-based concepts that underlie and explain a lot of the good tips you hear on better presentations. This talk will show those, and teach you to *feel* the principles at play when you're watching or designing a talk. Nothing about storytelling or workflow; just a few, well-researched principles that apply to every slide you will ever design.

Mike Morrison is a User Experience designer with a Ph.D in Work Psychology. He’s trying to bring User Experience design principles from the tech industry to science to help spread knowledge and information faster between scientists. He's most known for creating the viral #betterposter cartoons seeking to redesign the scientific poster with UX design principles. These YouTube cartoons and new poster layouts inspired tens of thousands of wonderful scientists and many major scientific conferences to try new approaches with their scientific posters. Now, he works at a startup called Researchable designing new, more user-friendly tools for researchers.