Colloquium Details

Scalable Policy Enforcement for Switches and Middleboxes

Speaker: Minlan Yu, University of Southern California

Location: Warren Weaver Hall 412

Date: November 11, 2014, 11 a.m.

Host: Lakshmi Subramanian


With software-defined networking, operators start to manage their enterprise and data center networks with many fine-grained policies (e.g., for traffic steering and access control). However, these networks often have a diversity of network devices (switches, hosts, and middleboxes), all with limited resources. To improve the scalability and reduce the complexity of policy enforcement, we proposed two systems: (1) vCRIB which improves the scalability of policy enforcement at switches by identifying the right tradeoffs memory and bandwidth resources (2) FlowTags, which ensures correct policy enforcement under middlebox dynamics by using tags to export middlebox internal states.


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