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A journey in Artificial Intelligence, Information and Computer Science

Speaker: Philippe Jacquet, Nokia Bell Labs

Location: Warren Weaver Hall 1314

Date: April 18, 2019, 11 a.m.

Host: Nizar Habash and Godfried Toussaint


AI, information, and computer science are defining areas of modern era. Shannon laid the foundation of information theory, Turing formalized computation defined as the transformation of information by means of algorithms, and AI is making revolutionary (and scary) changes to our lives. There are plenty of questions with very few satisfying answers: How can modern information and computer sciences help shaping future of artificial intelligence? Is AI a challenge to human intelligence? Can AI be the next age of computer science or just the last resort when classic algorithms fail? Can those classic algorithms still provide some ersatz of artificial intelligence? These are audacious questions that must be pondered. We have no ambition to provide conclusive answers to these probing questions. However, they will serve as starting points of the discussion ofsome of our recent research topics. In particular some algorithms on strings including joint string complexity, together with a brief demo. We also present some results about descent gradient descent in large dimension.

Speaker Bio:

Philippe Jacquet is department head in Nokia Bell Labs since 2012. Before he has been research director in Inria, a government funded research institute in France. His main topics are algorithms, information theory, complex and dynamic networks, wireless communication protocols, stochastic geometry. He has worked on analytic combinatorics of dynamic trees that are used in collision resolution algorithms and in data storage. He has also analyzed suffix trees in universal predictors based on pattern matching and in text similarity analysis. Philippe Jacquet is also the initial and major contributor to the Optimized Link State Routing protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.


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