:Weekly Events:: 

			Please go to athletics for more info.
			Weekly faculty presentations/student seminars are
			held for CS and Math graduate students. Check the
			CSO Calendar or go to seminars. 
		All events are listed at http://cims.nyu.edu.

            :Festivals and conferences:: 

			The Courant Institute's festival of math and science
			for high school students. Students and faculty in math
			and computer science volunteer to teach 60min or 75min
			lively talks, for free, to curious students in grades
			9-12 with an interest in mathematical and computer
			sciences. Please see the cSplash 2011 website.

		:Special Seminars:: 
		See the CIMS Weekly Bulletin,
		or this calendar (for registered students).

			If anyone would like to organize a trip (i.e. for 
		skiing, hiking), please email fun-at-cims with any 
		suggestions or preferences.