![New York/CSO image](index.jpg) The Courant Student Organization caters to the needs of computer science and mathematics graduate students at NYU. The CSO aims to provide recreational and cultural activites for the members of the Courant graduate student community. Since the main goal of the CSO is to help graduate students enjoy their years at NYU, suggestions/ideas are encouraged. Direct questions and comments to the mailing list or one of the representatives listed below. ## Events More Courant-wide events are being organised, but for the time being, here are events happening in the different departments: - Computer Science happy hour: usually weekly on Friday evenings, announced on the phd-social mailing list (see below). - Math happy hour: announced on mathdoc (see below). - Board game nights ## Mailing Lists The following mailing lists are, and can be, used to: - keep students informed about events, - find others with similar interests (soccer buddies, fellow musicians, chess players, etc), and - to announce the time and place for weekly happy hours. The Courant Student Organization has a voluntary mailing list: fun-at-cims. All students are welcome to subscribe to it. To join, send a blank email to: join-fun-at-cims [AT] lists [DOT] nyu [DOT] edu. Computer Science students can use this mailing list: phd-social [AT] cs [DOT] nyu [DOT] edu. [Click here to sign up](https://cs.nyu.edu/mailman/listinfo/phd-social) Math students can use the following alias for all Math PhD students: mathdoc [AT] cims [DOT] nyu [DOT] edu. ## Representatives The Computer Science PhD Representative is Siddharth Krishna (siddharth [AT] cs). The Math PhD Representatives are: David Padilla (dpg310 [AT] nyu) and Kevin DallaSanta (kjd318 [AT] nyu). ## Resources - [Math Graduate Student Resources Page](https://math.nyu.edu/student_resources/index.php) - ## cSplash The Courant Institute's festival of math and science for high school students. Students and faculty in math and computer science volunteer to teach 60min or 75min lively talks, to curious students in grades 9-12 with an interest in mathematical and computer sciences. For more details, check out the [website](http://www.csplash.org/).