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Computing Facilities

The primary facility for graduate educational and research computing is a network of about 150 Sun workstations. In addition, individual research groups have various other machines including Silicon Graphics workstations, MacIntoshes, IBMs, DECs and HPs. Access to the Internet is provided through several networks. The Robotics Laboratory has an extensive range of robotics and vision equipment: many robotic manipulators (PUMA, SCARA and a locally-built ED I DD arm), several direct-drive micro-actuators, a computer controlled machining center with CAD/CAM software, a Utah/MIT dextrous hand, a Pixel machine, a Vicom image processing computer and two range imaging devices for basic research in computer vision. The UltraComputer Research Laboratory has built and maintains several Ultracomputer prototypes.

This already substantial environment is being markedly improved in several regards. First, during the academic year 1994--95, a major upgrade of the computer network of the Courant Institute resulted in T3 connectivity to the internet, with a fast router and segmented local networks, including a student subnet. Second, beginning in 1995, all supported doctoral students will have access to their own dedicated Unix workstation. Many other research machines provide for abundant access to a variety of computer architectures. Third, in mid-1995, a distributed computing laboratory was created comprising 16 Sparc 5's.