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Agarwal, Pankaj (Advisor: J. Schwartz)

Cell-based computer models in developmental biology

Chuang, Tyng-Ruey (Advisor: Goldberg)

New techniques for the analysis and implementation of functional programs

Fernandes, Christopher (Advisor: Mishra)

Nonholonomic motion planning : Algorithms and software

Hwang, Wen-Liang (Advisor: Mallat)

Singularity detection, denoising and multifractal characterization with wavelet

Koren, Gilad (Advisors: Shasha & Mishra)

Competitive on-line scheduling for overloaded real-time systems

Landau, Pierre (Advisor: E. Schwartz)

Computer simulation of cortical polymaps

Narayanan, Babu (Advisor: Boppana)

Probabilistic methods in computer science and combinatorics

Papadopoulos, Georgios (Advisor: Harrison)

Dataflow analysis of logic programs using typed domains

Perry, Adi (Advisor: Lowe)

Statistical recognition of textured patterns from local spectral decomposition

Rozen, Steven (Advisor: Shasha)

Automating physical database design: an extensible approach

Siritzky, Brian (Advisor: Dewar)

Executable operational semantics of programming languages

Sundareswaran, V. (Advisor: Hummel)

Global methods for image motion analysis

Tsai, Frank (Advisor: J. Schwartz)

A probabilistic approach to geometric hashing using line features