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Capoyleas, Vasilis (Advisors: Pollack & Pach)

Applications of convexity in computational geometry

Dickey, Susan (Advisor: Gottlieb)

Systolic combining switch designs

Ericson, Lars (Advisor: Mishra)

Gedanken: A tool for pondering the tractability of correct program technology

Goradia, Tarak (Advisor: Weyuker)

Dynamic impact analysis: Analyzing error propagation in program executions

Hariharan, Ramesh (Advisor: Cole)

Designing pattern matching algorithms by exploiting structural pattern properties

Katz, Alexander (Advisor: Schonberg)

Compilation of array-style programs for distributed memory MIMD machines: a geometric approach

Muthukrishnan, S. (Advisors: Spencer & Palem)

Searching for strings and searching in presence of errors

Nickerson, Jeffrey (Advisor: Schonberg)

Visual programming

Yao, Chi (Advisor: Goldberg)

Representing control in parallel applicative programming