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Jacob T. Schwartz

Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics
Ph.D, Yale University

After Undergraduate studies at City College Professor Schwartz studied for the doctorate at Yale under Nelson Dunford, with whom he subsequently collaborated on the treatise ``Linear Operators.'' Since then he has worked in a variety of areas in pure and applied mathematics and computer science, including programming language design and optimization, computational logic, robotics, parallel computing, and multimedia.

He is currently trying to develop a design for a new multimedia language and environment, which is seen as a much generalized version of Macromind ``Director.'' As in all language design efforts, a key strategic goal is to ``put it all together,'' i.e. to specify a framework in which many of the interesting graphical facilities that have become known can be brought together in an environment that facilitates their easy use. The new language will aim to accommodate large projects and large data sets, and to support cooperative work by substantial groups of developers.

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