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Malcolm C. Harrison

Professor of Computer Science
PhD, Leeds University

Professor Harrison is interested in a broad spectrum of pragmatic areas of Computer Science, including programming language design, operating systems, artificial intelligence, and machine architecture. Recently he has become interested in the use of prototyping in software development, and in particular the design of programming languages which facilitate both the rapid development of prototypes and also their migration to production systems. His current work is the design and implementation of the Griffin Prototyping Language, one of the projects supported by the ARPA ProtoTech program. This language provides support for both high-level and low-level data types, a powerful type system which provides abstraction and object-oriented capabilities, support for concurrent and real-time systems, and an integrated persistence mechanism. A number of areas connected with use of such a language include: source-to-source transformation mechanisms, incomplete type inference systems, and prototyping of domain-specific languages.

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