Transformations and Discourse Analysis Project

Department of Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Selected TDAP Publications

From the 1950's into the 1970's, the Linguistic Department of the University of Pennsylvania issued a series, Transformnations and Discourse Analysis Project Reports ("TDAPs") that included documentation of the first English parsing program (TDAP 15-19, 1959) and many researches into transformational structure in different languages (English, French, German, Chinese) and other related issues.

Presented here in web format are those TDAPs for which existing paper copies could be obtained.

TDAP #17
Naomi Sager.
Resolution of Variable Classification. Preliminary version. 13 pp. + 10 pp. of figures.
TDAP #26
Henry Hiż.
Congrammaticality, Batteries of Transformations and Gramatical Categories. Pp. 43-50.
TDAP #27 (1960)
Naomi Sager.
Procedure for Left-to-Right Recognition of Sentence Structure. 72 pp.
TDAP #28 (1961)
Naomi Sager.
Problems in the Computation of English Sentence Structure (Substring Analysis). 50 pp.
TDAP #35
Henri Hiż.
Steps toward Grammatical Recognition, in Advances in Documentation and Library Science, Volume III, Part 2. New York: Interscience Publishers, Inc. Pp. 811-822.
TDAP #47 (March 1963)
Beverly Robbins.
Relative Clause Adjuncts of a Noun. 100 pp.
TDAP #48 (1963)
John DeFrancis.
Syntactic Permutability in Chinese. 15 pp. + 5 pp. of figures.
TDAP #50 (August 1963)
Ilse Langerhans.
Transformational Translation: English to German. 69 pp.
TDAP #54 (1964)
Zellig S. Harris.
The Elementary Transformations. Pre-publication copy. 117 pp.
TDAP #57 (1964)
Ilse Langerhans.
On Some German Patterns of Deletion, Zeroing and Permutation. 40 pp.
TDAP #59 (1965)
Irena Bellert and Henry Hiż.
Paraphrastic Sets and Grammatical Analysis, Part 1. 21 pp.
TDAP #60
Peter Fries and Richard Kittredge.
A Paraphrastic Determination of Sentence Structure. 23 pp.
TDAP #61
Richard Kittredge.
Investigation of a Statistical Method for Segmentation of Sentence. 16 pp.
TDAP #65 (January 1967)
Beverly Robbins.
A Property of English Sentences with a Subordinating Connective, 46 pp.
TDAP #67 (1967)
Danuṭa Hiż and Aravind K. Joshi.
A Simple Description of an Algorithm for Transformational Analysis of English Sentences. 19 pp.
TDAP #70 (1967)
Zellig S. Harris.
Decomposition Lattices. 33 pp.
TDAP #71
Jean-Max Claris.
— Part I:
— Part II: Transformational Decomposition Lattices of French Sentences (1968). 76 pp.
— Part III, Summary of Primitive Transformational Elements (1969). 128 pp.
TDAP #72 (November 1967)
Ilse Langerhans.
Transformational Analysis: Decomposition Lattices of German Sentences. 192 pp.
TDAP #74 (1968)
Maurice Gross [Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Laboratoire d'Automatique Documentaire et Linguistique, et Université d'Aix-Marseille].
Transformational Analysis of French Verbal Constructions. 341 pp.
TDAP #75 (1968)
Aravind K. Joshi.
String Adjunct Grammars and Transformational Grammars, 138 pp.
TDAP #75 (1970)
Aravind K. Joshi, S. R. Kosaraju, and H. Yamada.
String Adjunct Grammars.
TDAP #76 (1968)
Henry Hiż.
Referentials. 37 pp.
TDAP #77 (1968)
Henry Hiż.
The Aletheic Semantic Theory. 14 pp.
TDAP #79 (1969)
Zellig Harris.
Two systems of grammar: Report and Paraphrase, in Papers in Structural and Transformational Linguistics, D. Reidel Publishing Company/Dordrecht-Holland, 1970, pp. 612-692.
TDAP #80 (1970)
Richard I. Kittredge.
Tense, Aspect, and Conjunction: Some Inter-relations for English. 114 pp.
TDAP #81 (1970)
Ellen F. Prince.
Be-ing: A Synchronic and Diachronic Study. 31 pp.
TDAP #84 (November 1970)
Aravind K. Joshi.
A Class of Transformational Grammars. 46 pp.
TDAP #85 (1971)
John Lehrberger.
Functor Analysis of National Language. 170 pp.
TDAP #86 (July 1971)
Ilse Langerhans.
Unrestricted Predicates as Transformational Sources in German. 79 pp.
TDAP #87 (1971)
Lynette Hirschman.
A Comparison of Formalisms for Transformational Grammar. 130 pp.
String Representation for Transformations and a Decomposition Procedure,
— Part I, by Aravind K. Joshi. 48 pp.
— Part II, by Danuṭa Hiż. 63 pp.

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