The midterm (see below) will be on March 26. This is a CHANGE from the original tentative date.

Fundamental Algorithms CSCI-GA.1170.001 -- Spring 2018


Click here postscript LaTeX pdf for syllabus and more info.

When and Where

Monday, 5:10-7:00 p.m., Silver 405


Prof. Joel Spencer

Office: ciww 829

Email: {lowercaselastname}

Office Hours: Tuesday 9:30-11:00 a.m., ciww 829


Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein


Ojas Deshpande. Thursday 8:10-9:00 p.m., ciww 109

Ojas Office Hours: Wednesday, 2:30-4:00, ciww412

Basic Information

There will be a final exam and a midterm.

There will be assignments to be handed in pretty much every week.

The assignments to be submitted at the start of the next Recitation Section.

Mailing List

All students registered for this course have been added to the Google Group: *Csci_ga_1170_001_sp18*.

This is a private group meant only for discussions related to the class.

You can use the group email address to easily share content but refrain from spamming everyone.

If you haven't been added to the group, please send an email to and we can add you to the group.

Midterm Exam

The Midterm will be given in class on Monday, March 26. It will probably be a 60 minute exam (this is still not determined) and there will be no other material given that class period. More information about the exam will be found here as the date approaches. A sample exam and solutions will be posted Thursday or Friday, after the recitation. The exam will cover all material from the first week to and including March 19, Dynamic Programming.


As a courtesy assignments are often posted on Sunday or Monday before class.

HOWEVER, please check back on this website on Tuesday.

Occasionally there will be changes in which case the assignment will be marked revised.

Assignment 1 (This is NOT to be submitted!) postscript LaTeX pdf

Assignment 2, Due February 1 postscript LaTeX pdf

Assignment 3, Due February 8 postscript LaTeX pdf

Assignment 4, Due February 15 postscript LaTeX pdf

Just for Fun postscript LaTeX pdf

Assignment 5, Due March 1 postscript LaTeX pdf

Assignment 6, Due March 8 postscript LaTeX pdf

Assignment 7, Due March 22 postscript LaTeX pdf


Assignment 1 (This is NOT to be submitted!) postscript LaTeX pdf

Assignment 2 postscript LaTeX pdf

Assignment 3 postscript LaTeX pdf

Assignment 4 postscript LaTeX pdf

Assignment 5 postscript LaTeX pdf

Assignment 6 postscript LaTeX pdf


Send me an email: {lowercaselastname}

Final Exam

May 14, 5:10 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. You MUST NOT book your flight home for before that!! (Place to be determined)


Karatsuba's Algorithm (Feb 12 class) postscript LaTeX pdf

Rod Cutting (Mar 5 class) postscript LaTeX pdf

Why is it called Dynamic Programming? strangeanswer

Just In Case

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