FPS: Distribution


FPS works with Windows/Unix/Linux/Mac.

In order to compile and run FPS:


FPS is a free software. You may use the program "as is" for educational or commercial purposes, but you're not allowed to use sample_data.txt for non-academic purposes. You must also understand that FPS is experimental software, so it may have bugs.

Download and Install FPS

First, You need to install Matlab. After you install Matlab, download FPS from here.

Next, you need to set Matlab's PATH variable. Open Matlab, click File -> Set Path... Then click "Add with Subfolders..." on the upper left corner. A prompt will pop up asking you which folder and its subfolders will be added to Matlab's search path. Go to the directory where you have stored FPS, select the FPS folder, and click "OK". The matlab search path has been set up. If you wish to save this new PATH variable, click "Save" on the bottom left corner. You should be able to use our software next time you start Matlab.

Contact shasha@cs.nyu.edu and jix203@cs.nyu.edu

Last Updated Dec 17th, 2009