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instructions on using the system

StratPal parses a list of deposition questions and visually presents them toaide lawyers follow their deposition strategies.

Input file specifications:

Questions must start with a unique question name, which consists of onealphanumeric character followed by one or more integers, terminated bya colon.
         Example: Q1:

Subquestions are questions that are asked only if their parent questionwas asked. Their name consists of the parent question's name, followedby a period and an alphanumeric character, terminated by a colon.
         Example: Q1.a.2.d
Each question may be preceded by one or more if statements that listthe conditions under which this question can be asked. The ifstatements must be of the format: [if "keyword" to "question name"]
         Example: [if no to Q1.a]

Each question may be followed by one or more go-to statements of theformat: [if "keyword" to "question name", go to "question name"]
         Example:  [if no toQ1.a, go to Q10]

Eachquestion block must be followed by a blank line.
         Example: sampleinput file