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B.2 Absolute time expressions are to be tagged as a single item. Subparts are not to be tagged separately, even in the case of possessive constructions.

"twelve o'clock noon"

<TIMEX TYPE="TIME">twelve o'clock noon</TIMEX>

"5 p.m. EST"


"January 1990"

<TIMEX TYPE="DATE">January 1990</TIMEX>

"fiscal 1989"

<TIMEX TYPE="DATE">fiscal 1989</TIMEX>

"the autumn report"

the <TIMEX TYPE="DATE">autumn</TIMEX> report

"an Indian summer of the soul"

<TIMEX TYPE="DATE" ALT="summer">an Indian summer</TIMEX> of the soul

"third quarter of 1991"

<TIMEX TYPE="DATE">third quarter of 1991</TIMEX>

"the fourth quarter ended Sept. 30"

<TIMEX TYPE="DATE">the fourth quarter ended Sept. 30</TIMEX>

"the three months ended Sept. 30" [as paraphrase of "the fourth quarter ended Sept. 30"]

<TIMEX TYPE="DATE">the three months ended Sept. 30</TIMEX>

"the first half of fiscal 1990"

<TIMEX TYPE="DATE">the first half of fiscal 1990</TIMEX>

"first-half profit"

<TIMEX TYPE="DATE">first-half</TIMEX> profit

"fiscal 1989's fourth quarter"

<TIMEX TYPE="DATE">fiscal 1989's fourth quarter</TIMEX>

"4th period" [of a year]

<TIMEX TYPE="DATE">4th period</TIMEX>

"1975 World Series"

<TIMEX TYPE="DATE">1975</TIMEX> World Series

Named Entity Task Definition - 02 JUN 95
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