Information Technology Projects
Fall 97 Proposals

Prof. Arthur Goldberg
Computer Science Department
Courant Institute of Mathematics
New York University

The American Stock Exchange (AMEX): Intranet Directories

Description of company or organization
The American Stock Exchange is the nation's second largest stock exchange and the only primary marketplace with a significant presence in both equities and derivative securities.
The AMEX seeks to enhance its internal communications and spirit by deploying an Intranet.  A key component of the AMEX's Intranet (which is called TeamLink) will be directories of fundamental information, such as employees, listed companies and trading floor telephones.  Each directory will be stored in a relational database accessed by SQL queries.
This project will design and build these directories.  We will implement the database schemas, SQL statements for insert, update and retrieval, and user interfaces.
The system will be able to search and view the directories in multiple ways.  The search will try to match on any subset of fields in a directory record.  The match may be exact or approximate.  The entire database should be viewable in several different formats and sort orders.
We will use a subset of the following software tools: MS Office, Netscape Navigator, MS IE, Java, and Oracle. We may also consider using a Web-to-database connectivity tool, like Cold Fusion.
We'll work in tandem with student interns from a school of design, who will create designs and help make our pages beautiful and effective.  This project is especially important, because the directories will form the keystone of the AMEX's TeamLink.
Students will learn about Web-to-database communications, and Intranet design.
The address where students would intern
86 Trinity Place between Rector and Thames, 1-1/2 blocks below the WTC and right behind Trinity Church.
Company Web site
Description of the department
The Creative Services division provides the Exchange with both hard copy and electronic marketing communications.
Authorizing managers
Cynthia Artin,, Mark Fichtel and Ron Corwin, Marketing EVP
Project manager
Jeffrey Schulz, 306.1350,
Resources that will be made available to students

ILX Systems, Inc.: Securities Data Delivery and Quality Assurance Bug Recording

Description of company
ILX is the fastest growing U.S. provider of real-time information for the brokerage industry. The signing of the Merrill Lynch account in early 1997 made ILX the leading Market Data provider.
  1. Scrolling ticker. Write code to poll the ILX pricing database in some predefined (configurable) time intervals for a list of securities and data is displayed in a form of scrolling ticker. Students would need to build on existing Java classes for retrieving ILX data and they would need to write CGIs for data access. Java scrolling ticker applet would need to be implemented by students as well.  Skills needed: Knowledge of C is a requirement, Java a plus.  Supervisor: Goran Skoko.
  2. Implementation of ILX Webstation in CDF and/or Netcaster compliant format. ILX's Webstation is a static HTML based market data product. Students will research CDF and Netcaster protocols (formats) and modify (rewrite) existing ILX applications to conform to CDF or Netcaster format, which would allow ILX to have a subscription based product.   Skills needed:  Knowledge of C is required.  Supervisor: Goran Skoko.
  3. Quality Assurance (QA) Bug Database:  Port existing QA Bug Database from Foxpro to Access. Integrate QA Bug Database with (existing) QA Status Database & developed a GUI to both databases via a Visual Basic application or the Web. Project calls for full software development cycle skills - from interviewing potential users to requirement specification to design, implementation & testing.  Skills needed:  Visual Basic and knowledge of databases (Access & SQL a plus).    Supervisor:  Jacques Lazowsky.
The address where students would intern
111 Fulton Street New York, NY 10038
Company Web site
Description of the department
Systems Development
Authorizing managers
Ed Rodriguez,, 510-4130; Goran Skoko,, 510-3141.
Project managers
Goran Skoko; Jacques Lazowsky, 510-3255.
Resources that will be made available to students
ILX will provide cubicles, computers, software and any other materials that may be useful for successful completion of the project.

Price Waterhouse LLP: Dynamic Printer Configuration

Description of company or organization
For nearly 150 years, Price Waterhouse has been helping the world’s leading companies solve complex business problems. Today, through a worldwide network comprising 56,000 professionals, Price Waterhouse assists clients in effecting organizational and strategic change; using information technology for competitive advantage; complying with statutory audit and tax requirements; and implementing strategies to improve business performance and increase shareholder value. Price Waterhouse LLP, with more than 15,000 men and women in principle cities throughout the United States, is a vital part of the worldwide Price Waterhouse organization.

From the time the U.S. firm was established in 1890, our clients have placed great confidence in our professional capabilities, dedication to service, integrity, and commitment to the highest ethical standards. While a century of providing clients with outstanding accounting and auditing, tax, and management consulting services has contributed to our reputation for excellence, it is our people who have always been the most important element in sustaining and enhancing that reputation. One of our major responsibilities is selecting staff who can support our reputation and make significant contributions to the firm. We provide our people with experiences and opportunities that allow them to grow professionally and personally and to reach their greatest potential.

Price Waterhouse consultants work in their clients's offices most of the time.  They spend so much time away that they do not have a permanent office in a PW building.  Instead, when PW consultants work in a PW building they use a temporary office.  In the temporary office they plug their personal laptop into the LAN and expect to use facilities on the LAN with a minimum of complexity.  PW calls the use of temporary offices 'Hoteling'.
Printing is the primary computer problem that PW consultants encounter using their laptop in their temporary office.  We will develop an application, called 'Price Waterhouse Printing' or PWP,  that helps a 'Hoteling' consultant print.
PWP will take the following input:
  1. The consultant's office location, entered by the consultant.
  2. A list of all printers, read over the network from the Novell Directory System (NDS) version 4.11.  The list contains each printer's location and physical characteristics.
  3. A network file system directory containing printer driver files.
PWP should do the following tasks:
  1. Given inputs 1 and 2 above, identify several of the nearest printers.  Algorithms that determine the nearest printers have not been designed, however they should use "fuzzy logic" if that is appropriate.
  2. Install and configure printer drivers for the nearest printers.
  3. Remove current printer drivers that PWP had installed previously.  PWP will locally label drivers it installs, so that it only removes those it installed previously, and avoids removing drivers installed by other programs.
  4. Authenticate PWP against NDS.  PWP will use one standard login, using the account PWPRINT, without a password  for the entire firm
PWP will run on Windows 95 and be written in Java or C++.  It should have a simple GUI.  It should work with Win95 Universal Naming Convention (UNC) codes. These are used in UNIX and workgroups to identify shared resources, such as
PWP will be a significant convenience for PW consultants and the computer support staff.  We will strive to make it work effectively on tens of thousands of computers in tens of PW offices worldwide.
Each student will develop a component of PWP.  As a team we'll learn about modular software design, interface definitions, network system access and component integration.
The address where students would intern
1177 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036
Company Web site
Description of the department
Throughout Price Waterhouse, TSS (Technology Solutions and Services) as a worldwide organization is recognized as the single internal client-focused technology resource for the firm. TSS provides enabling, innovative, and competitively unique business solutions through the introduction and implementation of new technology tools.

Focused on client needs, TSS delivers and manages, cost effective, leveraged technology to enhance our collective client service capabilities and enable our ability to solve complex business problems. Success is measured by the business value and simplicity TSS provides to support our fundamental work as a firm.

Serving 3000 users, TSS in the New York Practice Office provides 24x7 support to client service staff in all areas of technology.

Authorizing manager
Mark Lutchen Partner Phone 212-596-8240 Fax 212-596-8831
Project managers
Thomas Arcuri:, 212-596-8256 Fax 212-575-6178

Frank Krieger:, 212-596-7844 Fax 212-575-6178

Resources that will be made available to students
Students assigned will receive a laptop computer for the duration of the project. They will have access to local TSS databases, as well as any development tools needed for the project.

Department of Neurology, New York Medical College: The Hypertext Neurological Knowledgebase (THyNK)

Description of company or organization
THyNK is a non-for-profit corporation formed by a group of academic neurologists to set up on the Web a complete clinical information resource for physicians caring for people with neurological disorders. The directors of the corporation are Joseph Masdeu, M.D., Ph.D., who is Professor and Chairman of Neurology at New York Medical College, Clinical Professor of Neurology at NYU, past-president of the American Society of Neuroimaging and author of 103 scientific papers and three books. Roger Q Cracco, M.D., who is Professor and Chairman of Neurology at SUNY-Health Sci. Center in Brooklyn and a the author of more than 200 scientific papers in the field of Neurophysiology, and Sudhansu Chokroverty, M.D., who is Professor of Neurology at the Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine of Rutgers University, the author of more than 150 papers in neurology and Chairman of the Sleep Disorders Section of the American Academy of Neurology and of the Sleep Disorders Advisory Panel of the National Institute of Health.
Background. The explosion of knowledge in the clinical neurosciences is affording new effective treatments for patients with neurological diseases (pain, headache, epilepsy, stroke, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, head trauma and many others) but often physicians cannot readily access current information to help them care for their patients. To address this problem, Dr. Joseph Masdeu is directing a team of about 120 academic neurologists to build on the Web the Hypertext Neurological Knowledgebase (THyNK), a comprehensive, up-to-date information resource for clinical neurologists, neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons. Each author will enter information directly on his/her section of the knowledgebase by means of user-friendly Web editors, such as Microsoft Front Page or Adobe Site Mill.

Challenges. In the spring 97 we studied THyNK's workflow and designed a prototpye.  In Summer 1997 we began incorporating documents written by the neurologists who contribute to the site. We need to consider issues such as the following:

This project would result in a Web site with content that would be very helpful for the care of patients with neurological diseases.
The address where students would intern
Department of Neurology, New York Medical College at Saint Vincents Medical Center, 153 West 11th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues) and 715 Broadway, Room 12xx.
THyNK can be worked on outside business hours, during evenings and weekends.
Company Web site
Authorizing manager
Joseph C. Masdeu, M.D., Ph.D. Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurology,
New York Medical College Clinical Professor of Neurology
New York University School of Medicine
FAX: (212) 604-3101 or (914) 993-4295
Telephone: (212) 604-2400
Project manager
Joseph C. Masdeu
Resources that will be made available to students
THyNK owns a high-performance PC located in 715 Broadway.