A22.0004: Computers in Principle and Practice

Old Sample Final Exam

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Short questions

1. (2 points.) How many bits are used to store each character on a Macintosh?

2. (2 points.) Betty bought 4 MB more of memory for her Macintosh. Is that probably main memory or secondary memory? (2 points for the correct answer, -2 points for the wrong answer, 0 points for no answer).

3. (2 points.) A typical access time for a hard disk is:

a. 100 nanoseconds. b. 1 microsecond. c. 10 microseconds. d. 100 microseconds.

e. 1 millisecond f. 10 milliseconds. g. 100 milliseconds. f. 1 second.

4. (2 points.) Suppose we had a 140 MB hard disk which was full of data and we wanted to "back up" (copy) the data to high-density diskettes. About how many diskettes would we need?

a. 1. b. 5. c. 10. d. 50. e. 70. f. 100. g. 200. h. 1000. i. 2000.

5. (7 points.) Fill in the appropriate terms from the list below into the underlined spaces in the following sentences (it is enough to write the words, in the correct order, into your answer booklet). The same term may occur in more than one answer.

a. When you double click on an application it is copied from ___________ to ___________.

b. When you open a file it is copied from ___________ to ___________.

c. When you close a file it is copied from ___________ to _________.

d. The contents of an open folder are displayed in a _________.

List of terms: (the) screen, (the) CPU, (the) main memory, (the) disk, (the control, (the) mouse, (the) keyboard, (the) window, (the) menu, (the) icon, (the) title bar.

6. (3 points.) Consider a disk with 5 double sided platters, each having 100 tracks with 20 sectors, and each sector holding 512 bytes. Roughly how many KB (kylobytes) can the disk store? How many MB (megabytes) is this, roughly? Show your calculation, so that in case you make a mistake, you can receive partial credit.

7. (3 points.) Match up the periods shown in column A with the technologies, shown in column B, which were dominant for computing equipment in that period.



before 1945 transistors

1945-1957 integrated circuits

1957-1965 vacuum tubes

after 1965 relays


8. (2 points.) Who among the following people were designers of the first commercial computer in the United States?

Anderson, Babbage, Cole, Eckert, Kuchinski, Marateck, Mauchly, Turing, von Neumann, Watson.


9. (8 points.) Suppose we open a word document which contains the line

Can a dolphin talk?

We then:

a. Select the word dolphin including the following but not the preceding space.

b. Cut (selected from the toolbar or the Edit menu).

c. Select the word talk and the preceding space.

d. Copy (selected from the toolbar or the Edit menu).

e. Place the insertion point after the 'n' of the word 'can'.

f. Paste (selected from the toolbar or the Edit menu).

g. Place the insertion point after the 'k' of the word 'talk'.

h. Paste (selected from the toolbar or the Edit menu).

Show how the contents of the clipboard and the form of the line in the document change after each of these steps. More precisely, copy the following table to your answer booklet and fill it in.


What is in the clipboard What is the contents of the line

after step a

after step b

after step c

after step d

after step e

after step f

after step g

after step h


10. (8 points.) Consider the following three line word document, formatted as shown.


Suppose the following two paragraph styles are defined: Normal and Heading.




a. State the 2 or 3 steps to put the first line in the Heading format (formatting it manually, by making it bold, centering etc. is not an acceptable answer).

b. What does the "Keep with next" in the Heading style do?


11. (10 points.) The Big Box Cereal company has the following costs for its Crispy Sugar Cereal, which is its top selling product.

Annual advertising cost: $250,000.

Cost of running the cereal factory: $500,000.

Cost of ingredients for one box of cereal: $0.50.

Cost of packaging for one box of cereal: $0.25.

a. Suppose the company aims to make a 25% profit (i.e., of each dollar it earns, $0.75 cover costs and the remaining $0.25 provides profits). Write formulas in the following spreadsheet to determine the price it needs to charge given different levels of sales in order to achieve this profit rate. (Copy the spreadsheet to your answer book, or at least identify in which cells the formulas you write belong.)



b. Which entries in columns C and D can be filled by dragging right from column B? Modify the formulas in column B so that all the entries in columns C and D can be filled by dragging right from column B.

12. (6 points.) Suppose we created a database in Excel with the five fields shown (along with two typical entries):



a. Write a criteria range to extract all five fields for all children who are younger than 10 and own two or more cars; in addition show how the extract area is set (or rather what the Set Extract command is applied to).

b. Write a criteria range to extract all females who are 65 years or older, and show how to set the extract area so that just the name and age of these people are listed.

13. (12 points.) Use a spreadsheet to solve the following problem.

The FastBuck savings bank offers to pay 7% annual interest on your savings account so long as you have a minimum deposit of $1,000. You decide to put $1,000 in your savings account. Now, you would like to determine your balance at the end of each year for the next four years, assuming you leave the interest you earn in your account. You set up the following spreadsheet.



a. Write formulas for cells C6, D6 and B7. Which of these can be used to put formulas in the rest of this table by filling down?

b. Suppose you want to determine how many years it will take you to accumulate at least $1,500; how can you do this? (This does not require writing any more formulas.)