A22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice

New York University: Summer 1997

Assignment 9 -- Extra Credit/Optional

Due: Thursday, June 26th, the day of the Final Examination

Your web page is now good enough that you want to let your friends and relatives know that it is there. Make a "Contacts List," which is a database of a few friends and people that you know. You should use an Excel spreadsheet as the database, which is linked to the Mail Merge document as the data source using DDE, unless you happen to want to use a different type of data source as your contacts list.

Your database should have at least the following fields:

FirstName LastName Email Address1 Address2 City State Zip Phone Comment

It can have more fields if you like.

Add a few records, using friends and relatives as the entries, or simply making up some reasonable entries. An example might be:

Nathan Hull hull@cs.nyu.edu NYU 251 Mercer New York NY 10012 998-3152 Instructor

Of course, leave blank any fields that you do not know.

Now, create a document, and embed (using a "Link" or "Paste Special" or a "Publish/Subscribe") your database into this document. Put a title on the document, such "My Contacts List." Print out a copy of this document (just one page). NB: If there are contacts that you don't want to make public, you should first filter the list, and embed the filtered list.

The purpose of using an embedded link, instead of copy and paste, is that if you change your contacts list, then the document will change as well.

Next, use the Mail Merge tool to make a form letter that you could send to a number of friends. The letter should be addressed to each contact, have a "Dear FirstName" line (where FirstName is a MailMerge Field), and should give the address of your web site. (In newer versions of Microsoft Word, you can make the "http:" address into a hyperlink, which is a useful thing to do if you are going to email the document to your friends.

Then Merge the document to create the merged form letter, and print out two (only two) instances of the letter, to your first two friends.

Turn in