A22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice
New York University: Summer 1997

Assignment 6

Due: Thursday, June 12th, 1997

Assignment 6

You already have a web page, whose root is the file index.html in the pages subdirectory of your IS account.

Using SimpleText, Word, or the word processor of your choice (But not PageMill or another WYSIWYG HTML editor!), create two web pages which are linked to each other. The first page must be called index.html. Each page must have at least one graphic, and a link to the other page.

They do not have to be pretty or interesting. We are only interested in the technical process for this particular assignment! Of course, it will be easiest if you begin with the index.html that has been created in assignment 6, which you can download from the pages directory of your UNIX account on the IS machine. You may obtain gif files from the course software folder in the "wwwimages" folder.

As a hint, make certain that you test your pages locally using Netscape. Also, it will be easier if all of your HTML and gif files are in the same folder.

Finally, upload your files (both the gif and HTML) using Fetch to the UNIX server. Your files should go in the directory (i.e., folder) called "pages" on the UNIX server.) Make certain you transfer the HTML files as text, and the gif files as Raw Data. Test your files using Netscape again.

(In addition to the ACF handout, Fetch is nicely documented in the Adobe PageMill 2.0 Tech Ref Pages. This is in the course software folder).

The subject of your message should be "Assignment 7" and the body should include the HTML address of the form