A22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice

Assignment 4

Due: Thursday, June 5th, 1997

Assignment 4

You have gone into business selling your newsletter. For the first 26 weeks, here are the weekly figures for the expenses in producing the newsletter and the number of newsletters that you have sold.

Using Microsoft Excel, make a spreadsheet whose values look like this. You can change the formatting to your pleasing, but try to make the spreadsheet look nice. HOWEVER, and this is the important thing, all of the cells in the Profit column should have formulas, and not numerical entries. Further, you should use functions from the function wizard for the Total Profit, Maximum Profit, and Maximum Loss values.

Print out the spreadsheet twice. First, print out the values. Then, print out the formulas. This can be done as follows: Under "Tools," "Options," with the "View" tab, click on "Formulas" under the "Window Options" so that when you print out the sheet (using "Print" under the "File" menu), you print out the Formulas and not the values.

Note that you sold your newsletter at $1 per copy through the 12th week, but then raised the price to $1.25. Also, note that your profit per week is the number of copies that you sold, times the price per copy, minus your expenses that week.

If you are clever, you will use copy and paste to transfer the values from the table to Excel. The values have been separated by tabs, and so should be easy to paste into an Excel spreadsheet. (On a Mac, or with certain browsers, you may need to save the file of figures as a text file, and then use Excel to open the text file---be sure to say "All file types"---designating tabs as delimiters.)