V22.0102 Submitting of Homework Spring 1997

Your first draft must be submitted by e-mail to your e-tutor. Your e-tutor will reply with comments as soon as possible. The second, final version is due one week from when you receive comments on the first draft. Programs will be graded pass/fail. If you do not submit a first draft by the deadline, you will not be permitted to submit a final version. Third versions will not be accepted in general, though some exceptions will be made.

You must join the correct class mailing list. This is done by sending a message to majordomo@cs with the message body containing the word subscribe followed by the mailing list name shown below. Do not put this information in the subject line of the message. Do not sent this request to your e-tutor.

Some additional items:

Sam Marateck
Sun Jan 26 11:24:38 EST 1997