A22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice II
New York University: Spring 1997

Nathan Hull

Assignment 2
Due: Thursday, February 28th

For this assignment, you are to scan in one or more pictures of your own face into Photoshop; clean up the scan; erase any background information around your face; and finally export the file in GIF format, with the surrounding area around your face chosen as the "transparent" color.

The second half of the assignment will be to create a series of web pages which use your scan(s). The first page (assign2.html) will have have the GIF picture of your face on it. Make this a "clickable client map." There should be half a dozen links to other pages which should bring you to pages with amusing pictures on them. Thus, for example, if you click on an eye, it might bring you to a page where you see the same picture, but with the eye blinking. Or if you click on an ear, it might bring you to the same picture with an arrow through the head. Choose your own ideas.

At each subsequent picture, there should be a link back to the beginning.

As hinted above, the subsequent images can either be different poses scanned in, or the same photo which has been "doctored" by you in photoshop.

Also, create at least one original, interesting background in Photoshop for your page(s).

Finally, create a Logo for your opening page in Photoshop. At the minimum, this should be a GIF file with text on it which you have imported into your Web Page.

Feel free to use PageMill or another WYSIWYG HTML editor, especially in creating the Client Map. (If you are using an editor other than PageMill, however, be aware of the fact that you are responsbile for knowing PageMill for the tests!)

Load your pages up to the ACF5 server using the FTP client of your choice (Fetch, etc.) So that you do not have to destroy the look of your ACF5 Home Page, this assignment will use the following naming scheme for the first page:


Thus, the URL for looking at your page (presuming that you have User ID "abc1234") would be:


Until further notice, future assignments should follow the same format. Thus, assignment 3 should be able to be seen by looking at the URL:


And, as usual, when your Web Page(s) for your assignment have been posted, please notify us at:


In the Subject field of your message, please put the assignment number you are turning in.