COURSE NUMBER: V22.0201 (section 1)
COURSE NAME: Computer System Organization, I
OFFERING: Fall 1996
TIME: Monday and Wednesday 1:20-2:35
PLACE: Warren Weaver Hall, Room 109
TEACHER: Professor Chee Yap, Office: WWH 416,
Phone: (212)998-3115, Email:
OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday 1:30-2:30
PREREQUISITE: A high level language (e.g. Pascal, V22.0101)
Data structures (V22.0101)
TEXTBOOK: Assembly Language Programming and Organization of
of the IBM PC
, by Ytha Yu and Charles Marut
EXAMINATIONS: midterm and finals
HOMEWORK: 3-4 small homeworks, no late homework
One large project (video game)
PROGRAMMING: On IBM PC family and clones. Assember is Borland's
Turbo Assembler (TASM) with the Turbo Debugger (TD).
They are available from the ACF networks for lab use.
Your own copy from the NYU bookstore costs $75.
GRADE: 5% per homework, 15% midterm, 35% project, 30% finals.


This is the first of a 2-semester sequence introducing fundamentals of a computer organization. The first semester concentrates on the Assembly language for the Intel x86 series of chips which is the heart of the IBM PC and clones. The second semester introduces the C programming language. We recommend that you have at least two 3.5" high density diskettes, making certain that you keep two copies of your work at all times.