Introduction to Computer Science I

Professors: Samuel Marateck and Michael Overton

Reaching Samuel Marateck

Reaching Michael Overton


Selected solutions to the sample final

Help with homeworks and course

Arash will be available to help students at 14 Washington Place on


(Also shows what page numbers apply to the various homeworks)

Instructions for course email list

Printing Postscript Files

The following are postscript files. Click a given link and then save the appropriate file to disk. Exit Netscape and then double click the Main icon in Windows. Select the "DOS in a Window" icon to get the DOS prompt. Change the drive to C: . If you saved your program as, print it by typing copy/b prn WARNING: If you try to print the ps file by first terminating Windows, you will not get the required output.

Sending homeworks by email


Class Programs

The answers to the end-of-chapter problems in the text book are available on the acfsw server (14 Wash place) on the Z: drive under the directory /COURSES/V220101.001/ES. Hopefully at some future date, it will also be available via a link.