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V22.0101 Homework Assignment 1 Fall 1996

Assigned: Mon Sept 16
First Draft Due: Mon Sept 23

Your first assignment is to create an amusing, animated graphics display using Turtle Graphics. The exact nature of this program will be left up to you. It might be a geometric design it might be a short animated scene; it could be instructional in nature; or it might be the setup for a game. The choice is completely yours. However, it must contain the following elements:

The best way to learn programming is by exploring and experimenting, and this assignment encourages you to do so.

Remember that the medium-resolution graphic mode which the Turtle uses is actually of rather low quality, and can only use four colors at a time. You will not be able to represent highly detailed drawings. As a suggestion, get some fine graph paper, and plot out your drawing ahead of time in 320 x 200 mode.

In developing your program, do not try to create an elaborate masterpiece all at once. Build up to it slowly, creating simple drawings first. Then, combine the pieces at the end.

Avoid overusing sound. It can be quite annoying to your neighbors in the lab.

Sam Marateck
Mon Nov 4 11:56:40 EST 1996