G22.3033.04 Object Oriented Programming

Professor Edmond Schonberg

Wed. 5-7, WWH 102

How to use Java:

Java is installed on squeegee running Solaris 2.4 (or SunOS 5.4). The UNIX environment on Solaris machines is a little bit different from that on SunOS machines. Bin's .cshrc figures out whether the machine is running SunOS or Solaris and runs the appropriate .cshrc (.cshrc.4 on SunOS machines and .cshrc.5 on Solaris machines) at login.

So, make the following changes to adapt to the Solaris environment and to enable yourself to use javac and appletviewer:

0. cd ~
1. cp .cshrc .cshrc.4
2. mv .cshrc .cshrc.5
3. cp /slinky.a/csphd/binli/.cshrc .
4. in .cshrc.5, add /opt/java/bin in the PATH and add this line:

setenv CLASSPATH .:/opt/java/classes
Note: For people who have access to machines in the lang domain (7th floor of 715/719 Broadway), Java is also installed on the new Sparc 5's that are running Solaris (bird, satchmo, monk, ...).

Sun has a nice tutorial on writing and running simple Java applications and applets. But since that site is normally quite busy, we made a local copy of it.

How to use C++:

To use g++ on squeegee:

add /opt/gnu/bin in the PATH in .cshrc.5.
To use g++ on other machines:
make sure /usr/local/bin is in your PATH in .cshrc.4.

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