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Artificial Intelligence 2 Problem Set 6

Assigned: Nov. 21
Due: Dec. 5

Problem 1: (Open-ended)

Give an example where domain knowledge --- that is, knowledge about the characteristic relations among objects, not knowledge about geometry and images --- can be used to disambiguate a visual image.
The use of world knowledge to visual disambiguation has been much less studied than in natural language processing. Why do you suppose this should be so?

Problem 2:

Explain why the unique names axioms 22 and 23 are necessary in the blocks world theory.

Problem 3:

Modify the blocks world axioms so that an empty hand can pick up any block in the stack at its current horizontal location. However, blocks on top of the one being picked up are scattered in unoccupied locations on the surface of the table. For example, if the current situation is


         A        G
         B        H
         C        I     M
         D        J     L
         E        K     N

then the result of ``pickup(C)'' would be a situation something like


                  I     M
         D        J     L
         E  A B   K     N

Give the new forms of the axioms that have to be altered.