Aris Tentes

The Unified Theory of Pseudorandomness 

In this survey talk we are going to talk about pseudorandom objects
and the relation among them. These objects have the property that they
look random, although little or no randomness is used for their
construction. These objects are:

Error Correcting Codes
Expander graphs
Randomness Extractors
Pseudorandom Generators
Hardness Amplifiers

All these objects have been studied separately and each one has his
own body of research. However, when viewed appropriately, they turn
out to be almost equivalently and can be expressed using a single
language. In fact ideas and techniques have been used for further
research from one to another. We will also see the differences between
these objects and see why when we have an optimal construction of one
of them, does not mean that we have an improved construction for all
of them.